Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top 10 Sir Charles Videos On YouTube

Due to the popularity of Top 50 Charles Barkely Quotes I have decided to put together a list of Charles's finest videos on Youtube. If anyone has any more be sure to throw them in the comments.

10. Barkley's Trash Talking Playing Days-

A great look into the type of competitor Barkley is through trash talking and the passion he displayed on the court. Among the highlights of the video:

  • Charles enjoying his chicken in first class and reciting off styles of chicken like Bubba did with shrimp in Forrest Gump.
  • "Get outta the way little fella"
  • While interviewing Jordan before the game "Anytime we foul anyone deliberately too hard we're gonna get ejected from the game so your safe."
  • To tough guy Charles Oakley "Quit reaching Oak, you know you can't guard me"

9: Charles all over Damon Jones's Attire:

Nothing is funnier then when Charles is caught up in something and can't let it go, even during an important moment such as this one. "Okay that was an awesome dunk and a 50 {perfect score} go back to Damon James". Its almost like the studio was doing it purposely just to get Charles to keep begging.  Also, his initial reaction makes me crack up every time. 

8. Charles Pronouncing Stefanski

7: What if he was white?

Chuck has some good laughs at Sammy Sosa's expense and his "Who the hell is Annie O?" at the end is classic

6. Charles being Charles

Whatever's on Chuck's mind he has no shame in sharing. 

5. Shaq vs Chuck - Shirt Off

They shoulda made this a Biggest Loser type competition and invited Tractor Traylor, Oliver Miller, Eddy Curry, Vin Baker, Shawn Kemp and the rest of the heavyweights.

4. Top 11 Sound Bites

A couple repeats from #10 but also some great liners such as the one about the 76ers playbook. 

3. Chuck's Golf Swing

Can't have a top ten video list without including a video of his hideous looking golf swing. 

2. Charles Burgundy

If that was an acting job by him then he's a hell of an actor. 

1. Chuck Your On Air

How many people can call their boss a "pussy" on live TV and not get fired?


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